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Free Printable May 2023 Calendar

    Let me introduce to you a fresh and brand new printable calendar – May 2023 calendar! This is a blank May 2023 calendar and it’s absolutely free and fully editable. You can use it for your home, kids, office, or school.

    May 2023 Calendar
    May 2023 Calendar

    May is the fifth month of the year in the Julian and its predecessor Gregorian Calendar and the third of seven months to have a length of 31 days. Late May typically points the start of the summer vacation season in the United States which ends on Labor Day, the first Monday of September.

    May 2023 Calendar

    Blank May 2023 Calendar Template
    Blank May 2023 Calendar Template

    After you downloaded your May 2023 calendar template, you will see that the empty and ready-to-fill month is waiting for you. You can save your May 2023 calendar in PDF or JPG format on your computer or you may easily print it through a printer attaching with your computer, as well.

    May is the last month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, May in the Southern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent of November in the Northern Hemisphere. In May, the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere and the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere are about to begin.


    In May, warm and smooth weather spurs people on to participate in nature activities, concerts, and open-air events.  May is also the time that moms around the world get showered with love for Mother’s Day. But, without question, the most popular holiday in May in the U.S. is Memorial Day, the national holiday that is also known as the unofficial start to summer.

    There are many other holidays in May, such as May 4, which is International Firefighters’ Day. On these holidays, most people choose to honor or thank the police and firefighters who serve us. An innovative way to honor the bravery and dedication of those who protect and serve is springing up in the form of challenge coins. These challenge coins are used as a symbol of appreciation and to identify members of a specific unit, as well as a morale booster. Police challenge coins are also a way to give back to the law enforcement community for the sacrifices they make every day. One way firefighters are honored is with the firefighter challenge coins, where firefighters who demonstrate dedication beyond the call of duty receive a coin.

    Police challenge coins
    Police challenge coins

    There are also lesser-known observances celebrated relatively by lesser-crowded in May apart from those. There are month-long observances like National Photo Month, week-long observances like Youth Traffic Safety Month, and the Star Wars “May the Fourth” holiday revered by sci-fi fans the world over.


    The month of May (in Latin, Maius) was named for the Greek Goddess Maia, who was identified with the Roman era goddess of fertility, Bona Dea, whose festival was held in May.

    Conversely, the Roman poet Ovid presents a second etymology that the month of May is named for the maiores, Latin for “elders” and that the following month (June) is named for the iuniores, or “young people”. Mayovka, in the context of the late Russian Empire, was a picnic in the countryside or a park in the early days of May, hence the name. Eventually, “mayovka” (specifically, “proletarian mayovka”) came to mean an illegal celebration of May 1 by revolutionary public, typically presented as an innocent picnic.

    Moreover, special devotions to the Virgin Mary occur in May.  As the important astronomical events, Eta Aquariids meteor shower appears in May. It is visible from about April 21 to about May 20 each year with peak activity on or around May 6. The Arietids shower from May 22 – July 2, and peaks on June 7. The Virginids also shower at various dates in May.


    If you download a May 2023 calendar, you will be able to use it in many different ways such as scheduling your month, to mark your important days and to put some goals to the upcoming days.

    By using a blank May 2023 calendar, you definitely will feel more comfortable as you may see your near future clearer! If you want to plan next month in advance you can download and print the June 2023 printable calendar.


    As the old idiom says “April showers bring May flowers”, in May do not stick on the mood which makes you think you are late for achieving your goals. You are in a mood of spring and spring is tricking you to break the diets and slow down the exercises.

    It usually happens. We may have difficulty in keeping on track, but we should continue to be planned and aware that, a period of discomfort can provide the basis for a period of happiness and joy, as the meaning of the idiom above says. Keep on using the printable calendar, download a new May 2023 calendar template and plan your days as you wish.

    Remember, this is the month that open-air activities, festivals, weddings and trips begin and you need to schedule everything well to catch all of them with ease. It is not late, just download a May 2023 calendar with holidays and enjoy your May!


    Mateo Pedersen

    Hello, I am Mateo Pedersen from Norway. I'm currently going to University of Oslo. I've been working on printable calendars for a while. Now I have decided to share these beautiful works with you guys. I created some calendars that you can print monthly or yearly for you. I hope you guys like my calendars. For your all business inquiries please feel free to contact me. Regards, Mateo