Online Calendar

Online Calendar

The online calendars are making easier our lives with the increasing number of working hours and working days under today’s world conditions. With the globalizing conditions, the people need more time in business days and they may forget something to do while having busier hours. Today’s success largely depends on our planning quality. In order not to miss anything in our lives, some people prefer to create a list of upcoming tasks in a notebook, while others have been using digital technology solutions for a long time. One of the best solutions will be online calendar applications. Calendar applications are some of the main tools that are worth using to organize our lives and plan your time carefully. Many people now use these tools; however, there are still some who do not take advantage of the power of their calendars. The use of some calendar applications may be inconvenient or non-functional and may be expensive. In this article, we’ll explore the best mobile calendar apps to help you stay organized.

Online Calendar
Online Calendar

Google Calendar

If you want to use Google Calendar with the Google app, go ahead. The application of Google’s calendar service, which works very well, of course works well. It is possible to add herpes and hotel information to your calendar quickly with the calendar invitation from your Gmail. Daily, 3-day and weekly view options are easy to view. This application is one of the widest applications for both Android and iOs platforms and it’s available more than 60 languages worldwide. So, it’s easy to download and use them.


If you have a family and children to manage, Cozi is designed for you specially. Of course, you can plan all of your works about your family or business life easily. The most important feature of Cozi is that all of your family or business members can add special plans and works to the integrated lists. So, everyone can see all plans easily. For the concept of family or business members, having own online calendars will be so helpful because they can add or remove all works or plans easily. Also, sharing all new things with all members of the group can be very helpful. This application also has Outlook integration. You can download and use it on Android and iOs platforms.

Zoho Calendar

Zoho Calendar is a web based and online calendar application. Allows you to plan and manage, and track your appointments, meetings, birthdays, and other important dates. You can also share, collaborate, and publish your daily activities. This application has an integration with other Zoho softwares like CRM or Recruit. Zoho Calendar allows you to set multiple reminders for each event. You can receive event reminders either as a message to your preferred email inbox or as a pop-up, or both. This application has also Outlook integration, so you can manage and follow all plans on Outlook.

My Study Life

Definitely, you predicted it true ! It’s designed for education purposes. You can see and find all of the requirements about your education life on My Study Life app. It’s too easy to manage all of your lessons, training courses, homeworks and all other stuff easily on the application. If you are a student and if you have hard times about planning your days and weeks about education programme, the application will be so useful for you in order to follow all courses and lessons. You can use it on Android and iOs platforms, also it’s available on web.


The motto of Timetree : Connect your moments, connect to the future ! If you are looking for an agenda for your business or family works, Timetree will be one of the most important solutions. With reminder and note features, Timetree will be your best assistant while planning everything. The most important feature of Timetree is that you have a chance to determine calendar types easily. For example, if you are planning for your business, you can select business calendar. On the other hand, if you are planning for your family plans, it’s good to select family calendars. This application is available on both Android and iOs platforms.

Outlook Calendar

The Outlook Calendar is one of the most common calendar apps in the world under today’s world conditions. Because you can manage all of your scheduled plans, mails and other basic stuff on the Outlook Calendar app. You can use this app online with logging to the It’s free and easy to use it. If you have used Microsoft Outlook or services, the integration will be possible with your accounts easily. You can set your calendar and start following all of your plans easily in seconds. You can create your calendar and share it with many people. It’s the most important feature of the system. This application can be downloadable for web, Android and iOs platforms today.

As you can see in all of the popular applications above, making days plannable is the common purpose. When comparing similar apps, it is difficult to choose a single winner; because it all depends on what you want your calendar application to do. Many people trust the Google services group a lot and therefore use Google Calendar. However, some of the other options are richer and less annoying. For efficiency and organization, Cozi is a clear choice. For those who value personalization above all else, you don’t need to look anywhere else than Jorte. And remember, just because you’re using a calendar app, don’t take advantage of a reliable laptop. A pen and paper is still an important productivity tool.  If you consider that it is important to have  integration with popular mailing applications like Outlook or,  you should prefer Outlook Calendar in order to plan and manage all of  your works easily on your pc or smart phone.