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The Evolution of Calendars: Why Digital Calendars Are a Game-Changer for Productivity

    There is no denying that calendars are great, they show you the date, and they are a convenient place to put reminders, but physical calendars are not that great on the go. This is why today we’ll discuss the evolution of calendars from their physical form to their digital one. Let’s take a look at how technology has impacted this beloved object and how all of us can use it to our advantage.

    How to Use a Digital Calendar

    Free Calendar
    Free Calendar

    Using any calendar can be the ultimate game-changer for your time-management and organization skills, however, this especially rings true when it comes to a digital one. But if you’re wondering how exactly you can take advantage of this tool, there are some tips we can offer you to help you out.

    First, you’ll have to start with a slightly pesky task but a highly needed one: entering all your important data into the calendar, from birthdays to meetings to simply your daily to-do list. You can use tools like voice commands to make this quicker, but this step is a must. This is because it will provide you with a crystal-clear run-through of all of your responsibilities and to-dos, this way none of your future plans will slip through the cracks and you can avoid issues.

    Scheduling your free time

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    Time Blocking and Other Techniques

    This leads us to time-blocking! This is a proven technique by multiple studies to help you build habits and work more efficiently by allocating specific blocks of time for different activities throughout the day.

    This will ultimately increase productivity and help avoid burdening yourself too much. Actually, explore everything that is readily accessible to you as you might find a feature or two that you didn’t even know you need but will be more than happy to implement.

    Another useful tip is to try color-coding different categories/activities in your digital calendar. For instance, you can assign red for important and urgent tasks, orange for less vital tasks, and green for tasks you can take your time with. This kind of visual distinction will make it easier to skim through your calendar and prioritize everything accordingly.

    Finally, don’t forget to regularly review and update your digital calendar. In the end, change is simply inevitable as it’s the only constant in life, so by keeping your calendar up-to-date, you’ll avoid future issues.

    How Digital Calendars Are a Game-Changer

    It’s pretty clear to everyone that nothing has been left untouched by technology, even something as simple as calendars. Nowadays, rather than finding a calendar on your desk or on a wall, with just a few taps on your phone or a few click on your laptop, you can easily pull up a calendar. In fact, most people will consider a physical calendar a charmingly useful relic of the past, a must-have at home but not very convenient as a portable item.

    When it comes to digital calendars, they have elevated the way we manage our time and improved our ability to organize ourselves. Now, you can schedule all of your appointments, your reminders, keep track of important events like birthdays all in one convenient digital package. You won’t be forgetting to write anything down as it will simply require you to reach into your pocket to add it to your phone’s calendar.

    This brings us to the accessibility offered by digital calendars, if you’re worried about having to copy everything from one device to another, don’t. They can now be synced across multiple devices, with minimal hassle as long as you access the calendars under the same account. An amazingly great time-saver that is especially important in this day and age where everyone seems to have increasingly packed schedules.

    Not only are they super easy to access, but they also take it to the next level by sending you notifications and reminders on your device, this way you no longer have to rely on your memory to check the calendar for anything. And you can change your settings to send alerts for important deadlines or events with separate sounds so you can easily tell what it’s for. Easy peasy, right?

    And no more copying recurring events manually, you can set up events to be saved as recurring automatically. Whether it’s a weekly client meeting or a yearly dental appointment, with just a few clicks you’ll be sorted.

    Furthermore, another feature that is highly beneficial, especially if you work in a team or have people you want to share your life with to coordinate busy schedules, is to share your schedule with others. You can simply invite others to view your calendar or have a shared one to view.

    You can also integrate your digital calendar with other productivity and organizational tools to help you manage your time even more efficiently, such as your Gmail or even task management apps like Asana. All of this allows for seamless integration, which is a must for all of the heavily tech-involved individuals.

    To top it all off, if you are struggling to understand how you spend your time, digital calendars have a feature to go through your data. Then, you can analyze patterns in your schedule, such as what you’re spending the most time doing, and make adjustments accordingly.


    Staying organized in a chaotic world has never been simpler. We no longer have to rely on our memory or items we might forget at home and won’t be able to access online. While technology has plenty of downsides, the rise of sophisticated calendars is certainly not one of them.

    Mateo Pedersen

    Mateo Pedersen

    Hello, I am Mateo Pedersen from Norway. I'm currently going to University of Oslo. I've been working on printable calendars for a while. Now I have decided to share these beautiful works with you guys. I created some calendars that you can print monthly or yearly for you. I hope you guys like my calendars. For your all business inquiries please feel free to contact me. Regards, Mateo